Child Predators Part 2

Child Predators Part 2

Defining The Pedophile | taught by Certification Team

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So what is a pedophile or more is the question who is a pedophile? There are three definitions that cover pedophilia; the first definition of a pedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to a “prepubescent” child, a child who has not yet reached puberty and have no body hair, breasts, the male child voice has not changed, and the child has an undefined body shape.

The second is hebephiliac which is defined as a person who is sexually attracted to children who are in the midst of puberty, meaning that the child is changing hormonally, they haven’t yet reached full puberty but pubic hair, breast etc... are developing.

Ephebophilia is defined as a sexual attraction to children who are in late puberty, children whose bodies have reached puberty and are mostly developed to that of an adult.

A pedophiles age of attraction is generally twelve and under, the hebephiliac age of attraction is generally eleven to fourteen, depending on the development of the child, and the age of attraction for ephebophilia is generally fourteen to eighteen.

There is a preconceived notion that pedophiles are just creepy guys in the park, or looks certain way…for the most part that’s not true, they are men and women, everyday people who work, have families and some seem normal, others do fit that creepy guy in the park stereotype. 

Certification  Team
Certification Team

Our trainers are highly qualified, each trainer has had extensive hands-on training with 30 hours of Prevention Education Certification and 60 hours of Anti- Assault Certification.

They are dedicated to training individuals worldwide to help stop the epidemic of violent assaults against women and children.

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Defining The "Pedophile"
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