Child Predators Part 4

Child Predators Part 4

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Let’s dispel two myths; the first being that pedophiles are only men, unfortunately, this is not true there are many women who fall into this category, although the numbers are lower, 10 to 1 the fact remains they’re out there and they are grooming, seducing and violating children. The second being the stereotyping of the pedophile; ask a child or even an adult what does a “child molester” or “bad guy” look like, most will immediately in their mental picture a dirty, ugly guy creeping around the park stalking children.

That is so far from who they really are, yes there are some who fit that description, but moreover, they live among us as “normal” people, going to work, school, having day to day interactions with your children. So while reading the red flags below keep an open mind, does anyone fit this description, have you had a gut feeling? Don’t dismiss anyone who fits this description or if you have had a gut feeling about them, no matter who they are. Remember it could be man, woman or another child or teen.

Certification  Team
Certification Team

Our trainers are highly qualified, each trainer has had extensive hands-on training with 30 hours of Prevention Education Certification and 60 hours of Anti- Assault Certification.

They are dedicated to training individuals worldwide to help stop the epidemic of violent assaults against women and children.

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