In Constant Danger 4 faces Of A Rapist Part 3

In Constant Danger "4 faces Of A Rapist" Part 3

Violence Knows No Boundaries | taught by Certification Team

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Violence knows no boundaries, it does not discriminate, it does not care about your socioeconomic status; It affects women and children across every description of race, age, class, socioeconomic or educational status, sexual orientation, demography, geography, ideology, disability or theology.

For a predator to attack you, he necessarily needs three things: determination, access, and opportunity. Denying him any one of those three things makes it impossible for him to attack.

Certification  Team
Certification Team

Our trainers are highly qualified, each trainer has had extensive hands-on training with 30 hours of Prevention Education Certification and 60 hours of Anti- Assault Certification.

They are dedicated to training individuals worldwide to help stop the epidemic of violent assaults against women and children.

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