In Constant Danger 4 Faces Of A Rapist Part 4

In Constant Danger "4 Faces Of A Rapist" Part 4

Avoiding The Attack | taught by Certification Team

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The interviews of convicted rapists found that lack of resistance from the victim became consent to them; therefore, lack of self-defense from the victim encouraged the rapist.

The interviews also revealed consistently that resistance to sexual assault is much more effective than passive response, such as crying and pleading which may even encourage the attacker as they feel empowered.

The research included interviewing convicted child predators and rapist; they all shared the same information…. they're looking for victims that could not or would not fight back Victims who would comply to demands when a weapon was brandished (less than 14% of rapist's and or abductors use a weapon during an assault.

Certification  Team
Certification Team

Our trainers are highly qualified, each trainer has had extensive hands-on training with 30 hours of Prevention Education Certification and 60 hours of Anti- Assault Certification.

They are dedicated to training individuals worldwide to help stop the epidemic of violent assaults against women and children.

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Avoiding The Attack
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