Romeo & The Interview - Teen Girls Part 3

Romeo & The Interview Part 3

Maipulation - A Mind Game | taught by Certification Team

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This an actual interview with a convicted pimp, his views on you and how he will get you to "fall in love" with him.

R.O.I - Return On Investment

I could turn out your mama, it just depends on how much time I want to invest on a bitch…A true pimp knows how to identify bitches based on the return on investment. I could spend the next 2 months turning this bitch out and I know she’d be solid and would make me a lot of money. That other bitch over there is fine as fuck but it could take me a year, two years to break her down and at that point, she might not even be a good bitch. So I pass on the second one and focus on getting 5 of the first one. Obviously, I meant no offense by using your mom as the example, the point isn’t the character of your mother – I don’t even know her – the point is any woman can be pimped.

Certification  Team
Certification Team

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Manipulation - A Mind Game
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