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Step 1.Choose your curriculum and pay

 Here is a description of each curriculum;

Prevention Education:

Our  Prevention Education "Inside the Mind of a Predator" series is a high impact training to train children, teens, women & parents. This training provides solutions for two major issues; the lack of in-depth education into the mindset and methods of sexual predators and how to prevent victimization by breaking predatory methods, this training is the 1st line of defense for parents to protect their children, and themselves.

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Step 2:

Download all legal documents, e-sign, and email to 

Step 3:

Upon the completion of the curriculum,  you will receive 2 emails the first will be a certification of completion email, the second will be your online access with all your materials to get started on your journey!

By submitting and paying for the certification you declare that you meet all the qualifications set forth on the qualifications page. If for any reason IDTS finds that you have misrepresented the truth and failed to disclose and felonies listed in the qualifications on the website IDTS will cancel your certification and there will be no refund. 

Licensee agrees to hold at all time a 2 million dollar insurance policy which includes sexual assault coverage IDTS must be named in the policy.

Don't panic the policy is very affordable with payment plans here is a link to contact Francis & Dean Insurance

Please send all documents to 




IDTS Instructor License Agreement.pdf



Fierce Fighters Anti-Assault Training:

Fierce Fighter Anti-Assault Training is a non traditional full contact system that has been formulated with specific core techniques that have been tested and proven effective properly break the abduction & assault methods of a predator, stopping the predator from completing the attack and or removing the victim to a secondary location,This system is patent pending and endorsed.

This is an extensive training for ages 5-60  that provides 3 critical components, Psychological such as the predatory profile of who the predators are, how predators choose their victims. Verbal such as command presences giving women the confidence and subconscious permission to use the techniques they need to not be seen by a predator as a victim. Physical core techniques that are easy to learn and implement.

Each participant receives intense hands-on instruction that has been broken into 5 phases to ensure that the comprehension and implementation of our systems are fully understood and is executed properly.

Each training is broken down into age-appropriate classes for both boys and girls, only the children's classes should be taught co-ed, the jr & teen classes should be separated.

Children: 5 - 10

Jr's: 11- 13

Teens:14 -17 

Women: 18 -60

This a perfect way to increase your active income in your facility

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1st Line of Defense  Facility Packages are comprehensive packages that include everything you need to create a new income stream for your facility or to start your new business.

These packages include all of Prevention Education Curriculums, Fierce Fighters Anti-Assault Training and a marketing package.

Each curriculum is matched to the appropriate Fierce Fighters Anti-Assault Training.

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