Welcome to International Defensive Training Systems Online Academy, IDTS Academy has something for everyone, what's your passion? What's your budget? 

You can become certified in one or more systems, or you can become certified in all of our systems adding new income streams to your facility, or open a new facility.

Each Certification Includes:

  • Course Curriculum Certification
  • 12 Month Licensing Agreement 
  • Downloadable Training Manual
  • Online Access for Support
  • Discounted Marketing Materials
  • Product Catalog
  • Effective Marketing Tips
  • Online Presence on the IDTS website as a Certified Trainer

The IDTS  Certification Licensing allows you to use the IDTS name and continued access and use of all the online and downloadable IDTS material in your exclusive certified trainer area as well as support and consulting from the IDTS support team.

IDTS wants you to be completely successful as a certified trainer so we have tapped into to our marketing resources to bring you a comprehensive marketing package to ensure that you have the best tools available for pennies on the dollar.

For an added fee you can take advantage of our marketing package (marketing package is included in all Full Facility Packages)

Marketing Package Includes:

  • 1000 Business Cards
  • 500 Full-Color Flyers
  • Text Message Campaign System
  • Customer Relation Management System
  • Lead Capture System
  • Contract Delivery System
  • Payment Processing
  • Invoicing System
  • Online Video Commercial Campaign to over 50,000 potential new customers in your local area
  • Online Socal Media Advertising Campaign to hundreds of customers in your local area



Prevention Education Certification

The military prepares for battle before the battle occurs. A police officer wears a bulletproof vest for protection in case he is shot. This is a strategic active form of defense, 90% of assaults can be prevented, find out how & train others.

This system provides solutions for two major issues; the lack of in-depth education into the mindset and methods of sexual predators and how to not become a victim by breaking their predatory methods.

  • Child Predator Profiles
  • Family Dynamics of Abuse
  • “Romeo & The Lure” Understanding Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking for Parents
  • Romeo & The Interview" He's not your boyfriend, he's a pimp - For Teen Girls
  • The ABC'S of Self Protection 
  • Predators we Trust -"Innocense Lost"
  • Predators In The Digital Age
  • In Constant Danger 'Faces In The Crowd"
  • Breaking The Rape Culture
  • Identifying Bully Intimidation tactics  Is your child being bullied, is your child the bully? Identifying the bullied child and the bully, and how to protect your child before it's too late.

Anti - Assault Certification

Each Anti- Assault Systems Includes and are age appropriate 

• Cyber Safety
• Techniques & Implementation
• Vehicle Resistance
• Situational Awareness
• Real Life Scenario Test

BULLY DEFENSE AGES 7- 12 & 13 -17
Bully Defense is a 5-part system designed to empower children of all ages to defend themselves against the impulsive actions of a bully. This is done by educating children psychologically, verbally, and physically on how to diffuse the situation and how to defend themselves when aggression escalates to a physical encounter.


Are you ready…it’s time to stop talking about making a change and take action to become financially independent & make an impact!